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mai™ Event Report and Investigation

Are you looking for a simple but comprehensive system for event reporting (accidents and near misses etc)?

Do you want to ensure that all event and injury details are captured?

Do you want to ensure that relevant persons are notified quickly?

Do you want a step by step approach for identifying the different root causes for each accident?

Do you want to ensure that all necessary corrective actions are managed to completion?

Do you want comprehensive reporting tools presenting graphical, real time data?


The mai™ Event Reporting module allows you to :

-          configure different types of events and ensure detailed reporting and investigation processes are followed.

-          the system is highly configurable and can easily address regulatory reporting requirements e.g., OSHA300, HSA, HSE etc.

-          easily capture third party information in one easy to manage portal.

-          covers environmental and other loss events.

-          provide a detailed root cause analysis (can be configured to many different methods to suit requirements-we will happily guide you in this process) .

-          provides real time reporting functionality and email notifications.

-          can perform statistical analysis of events.

The mai™ Event Reporting system will help you to ensure that accidents do not re-occur, and that all the information is maintained in a central repository for easy access at any time.


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