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Do you want to record clinical notes in a clear, legible format?

Do you want to record vaccoinations results?

Do you want to record medical codes (illness etc)  and fit to work diagnoses

Do you want to record medical test results and outcome?

Do you want powerful reports to measure, analyse and improve occupational health?

Do yoy want your medical data in a secure environment with appropriate security?


As Irelands leading provider of Occupational Health services, we understand the need of modern occupational health physicians. Many people forget that the disciple is OH&S and not just safety, and by combining the occupation health records of employees on the same portal you can maintain all the critical employee information and risk management infomraiton in one portal. Medics will be able to review the hazards that employees are exposed to using the risk assessment modules, and then plan relevant occupational health programs to meet their own requirements.


The system includes robust capabilities to help you easily record, track, and analyze employee health information including health surveillance data, medical assessment details, diagnostic and morbidity coding as well as vaccination data.  The flexibility of the system offers unique configuration capabilities to meet your organizational requirements.




Harness the power of mai™  Occupational Health and Safety module and set your organization a step above compliance.  The mai™  Occupational Health and Safety module includes a rich feature set that delivers the following capabilities through a secure web interface.

  • Record, Track & Analyze Employee Health Information. Capture essential employee
    health data and activity information such as vaccine information, test results, consultations, employee medical records and much more, in a Unified Medical Record.
  • Configurable. Flexible enough to be used by any organization. Configurable options
    available to define company-specific occupational health information. Comprehensive Reporting. To ensure compliance with current regulations, the system includes comprehensive, configurable reports summarizing scheulding activities, outstanding consultations, vaccination details and much more.
  • Integration With Other mai™ Modules. The Occupational Health module seamlessly
    integrates with other mai™ modules for a more comprehensive QEH&S solution.

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