The mai™ Insurance (claims management) module allows clients to manage actual or potential claims through the same risk management software platform. This module is integrated with the Incident Report and Investigation (Event) module to streamline the process and prevent duplication of data entry. Security roles can restrict access to this module to authorised personnel (like other modules, but an extra security layer exists within this module).

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    1. Easy to create different types of claims e.g., public, motor vehicle
    2. Ability to create a claim for any event/incident
    3. Utilise information already entered in the Event/Incident section of mai™ relevant to the claim
    4. Media upload section to ensure all information retained centrally
    5. Track both known and estimated costs
    6. Easy to track costs in real time for both reserves and payments
    7. Reports on all claims by status
    8. Older data can be managed
    1. Ability to create different types of claims e.g., public, motor vehicle
    2. System integrates fully with the existing Incident Report and Investigation System
    3. All information maintained in one central location
    4. Manage reserves and payments
    5. User can records estimated and actual amounts
    6. Record information about the claimant
    7. Manage faults and liabilities
    8. Record information about legal aspects of claim (solicitors, proceeding etc)
    9. Claims notes can be recorded as required
    10. Report of all open and closed claims for any given period
    11. Record information about witnesses and statements
    12. Legacy claims can be added to the system.