Contractor Management Software

EHA Soft Solutions provide a range of contractor management software tools to help you manage your contractors, in a simple and effective manner


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mai™ Contractor Portal

Contractor Management Software to help you manage your contractors, in a simple and effective manner.

Online Induction Portal

Online Safety Induction and Training.

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Contractor Management Software

mai™ Contractor Portal


EHA Soft Solutions provide a range of tools to help you manage your contractors, in a simple and effective manner




  1. Ability to manage all your contractor related information simply and easily
  2. The mai™ Contractor Portal let’s you have clear, real time visibility of all their contractor company’s details (insurance details, safety programs, licenses etc.) and their employees (training records, inductions etc.) through dashboard charts and detailed reports.
  3. System can be configured to suit your specific compliance requirements.
  4. Performance of each contractor can be rated by your organisation, using all of information available on the Portal.
  5. The mai™ Contractor Portal can be used to manage the verification information provided by the contractors. Clients can clarify their requirements for each site, and contractors can either complete a questionnaire within the Portal or alternatively, upload a signed copy of a completed document,
  6. Daily reports showing status of all your contractors and their employees.
  7. It will be possible to integrate with your access control system (beta).
  8. Proven approach that stream lines your contractor management system.
  9. Developed by EHS professionals for professionals.
  10. Available in multiple languages.
  11. Simple 3-step process to get started quickly.




  1. Identifies all your contractors in one easy to use system.
  2. Helps you adopt industry best practice for managing your contractors.
  3. Help with remedial actions for under-performing contractors.
  4. Ensure that contractors meet company and legal requirements (anti bribery, EHS etc.)
  5. Back office support available to help you and your contractors.
  6. Helps prevent unwanted contractors coming near your site(s). Security/ Reception personnel can do quick checks to verify the status of any contractor
  7. Workload is pushed upstream from you – Contractors themselves do all the work.
  8. Systems can be configured to meet your corporate requirements.
  9. Customisable reports for both clients and contractors are available to help ensure information is kept up to date.
  10. Contractors receive alerts in plenty of time if information is about to expire.
  11. Regular alerts will keep both you and your contractors aware of information that needs to be updated.
  12. Practically no administration needed by clients after system is set up.
  13. Possible to integrate with access control systems (beta) to send alerts if contractors come on site without up to date documentation etc
  14. Easy and fast set up process for all new contractors.

What Our Clients Have To Say

John Murphy, EHS Manager, LEO Pharma

“We used to waste a lot of time and energy chasing contractors for compliance information. The mai™ Contractor Portal changed all this. The work gets pushed back on the contractors and they cannot come on site unless all our requirements are met, and each employee has completed the online induction. The daily reports have removed a big headache for us. Real time, relevant and configurable information is critical and this is what makes the mai™ system work so well for us.”

Kieran Hill, EHS Manager, Pernod Ricard

“The mai™ Contractor Portal has made contractor management a much easier process for Pernod Ricard.  The portal has allowed us to get rid of our Excel sheets, and saves a huge amount of time and effort spent endlessly chasing contractors. Having real time visibility of contractor details is something we have tried to achieve for a long time, and the dashboard reports provide this for us.”

Online Safety Induction Training / Orientation




Contractors self-register on your site specific induction portal (we have a 1 page info gram that can be sent to them by email with all the necessary instructions), and when they pass the induction they get a PDF certificate of completion.



  1. Modern, clean, visually attractive interface
  2. Huge library of technical content to choose and customise your online training program
  3. Help and advice available from EHS  and LMS professionals
  4. The content can be video, text or images as you require.
  5. You can add a ‘quiz’ at the end with 100% pass mark requirement (the content can be randomised and you can choose the % pass mark, and also the options if user did not pass first time) .
  6. Ability to include a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) step which the users accepts and the completed NDA can be downloaded with the electronic signature.
  7. Upon completion, users can download the PDF Certificate Of Completion customised with your logo (which they can upload onto the mai™ Contractor Portal for inclusion on the daily status reports)
  8. Contractors self-register on your site specific induction portal (we have a 1 page info gram that can be sent to them by email with all the necessary instructions), and when they pass the induction they get a PDF certificate of completion
  9. As a client, you can also log in and  run reports to see the status of contractor inductions at any time.
  10. Available on mobile devices
  11. Each certificate of completion has a unique code that can be checked by the client
  12. Ability for users such as security to check codes on certs of completion to check status of training



  1. The online induction is a low flat fee subscription for an unlimited number of contractors
  2. Easy to customise and develop your induction program, enhancing your companies corporate image and setting your standards
  3. Helps ensure that only competent contractors are allowed on site
  4. Protect your ideas and infrastructure by using NDA’s for all contractors!
  5. Contractors can do the training in their own time and off site as required
  6. Contractors can update the Contractor Portal Induction section and this will enable real time induction status reports on a daily basis
  7. Already in use in Europe and the US and available in multiple languages
  8. Multiple methods of assessing status of contractors induction training



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