The EH&S Service Leader

In today’s global economy, organizations have unprecedented ability to tap experienced talent across the globe to help with mission-critical tasks. As global regulations change, your organization must have the skills and know-how to achieve sustained competitive advantage. EHA Soft professional services team can help. We offer practical experience and knowledge to help accelerate you reduce risk and ensure product and employee safety.

Our service commitment to you is to deliver quality services leveraging the best talent. Our practitioners come from the ranks of leading global organizations. With our solid investment in advanced technology and an unwavering focus on service, we provide you with the opportunity to focus on your core business while gaining valuable insight and knowledge from our experienced professionals. Our methodology ensures knowledge transfer throughout each engagement.

EHASOFT Consulting Services


EHA Soft has a proven track record in helping companies design and implement integrated environmental management solutions to address current guidelines for occupational health and safety (OHSAS18001 or the International Safety Rating System) food safety (IS343 or ISO22000 Draft), quality (ISO9001:2000) and the environment (ISO14001).

EHA Soft delivers through each engagement advanced technology coupled with expert strategy and expertise to help you develop, implement and maintain an effective compliance program.

We offer:

  • Project Management Services
  • Comprehensive on-site environmental audits
  • Environmental Risk Assessments
  • Compliance status Benchmarks & Continuous Improvement Programs

Our Consultants are registered specialists in Occupational Medicine and are Members of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland.

EHASoft Occupational Health Services


EHA Soft offers a comprehensive portfolio of Occupational Health & Hygiene Services. Our services, coupled with the mai™ EH&S suite deliver and unprecedented solution to help you establish and maintain an effective environmental program.

Our service offerings include:

  • Health Assessments
  • Health Promotion
  • Health Surveillance
  • Executive Medical Screening
  • Occupational Health
  • Pre-Employment Medical

For over a decade, EHASOFT has delivered comprehensive occupational health services across the globe. Our consultants are uniquely qualified in this area and are able to deliver quality services to help you achieve your objectives. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation.

EHASoft Staff Augmentation services


EHA Soft Staff Augmentation Services are designed to help you get the specific expertise, assistance, and knowledge you need to achieve your compliance objective and effectively manage day-to-day operations. Our Staff Augmentation Services allow you to benefit from global team of highly skilled professional resources with deep EH&S domain experience. Our experts can be deployed to assist with day-to-day operations, EH&S systems operations and other related tasks for as long as you need them.

EHA Soft Staff Augmentation Services include:

  • Managed Services
  • EH&S Software Solutions Implementation & Management
  • Environmental Advisory Services
  • Occupational Health & Safety Services
  • Project Management Services
  • Other EH&S Related Services (As Defined By Each Client)

Our clients’ ongoing satisfaction with our services stems from our ability to provide competent professionals with the right skills and experience. We also minimized their level of effort, provided professional and responsive support to client staff, and maintained continuous communication throughout each engagement..

Contact us today to see how our services can be applied to your organizations’ unique requirements.

EHASoft Automation Services



We can provide on site support and maintenance services to meet your immediate needs and future goals. Services can include preventive maintenance activities, operations support services, troubleshooting/startup/conversion/upgrade assistance, project management, performance analysis, application development and more.

Intelligent Motor Control

New generation tailored solutions for improved control with enhanced motor protection, motors are a key component in almost every industrial automation application or environment.

Optimising their performance and reliability can play a major role in reducing costs and improving overall plant efficiency, we have brought together leading-edge motor control and protection devices, with advanced networking and visualisation technologies, to provide a new generation of Intelligent Motor Control.

Intelligent Motor Control

Control Panels

We design customised panels, supplying electrical and pneumatic control systems in all areas.
-> Control Panel Design -> MCC Panels
-> Distribution Panels -> Pneumatic Panels
-> On-Site Panel Modifications -> PLC Panels
-> Control Panel Manufacturing Facility -> Junction Boxes

The LOGSTRUP Panel System is a modular system delivered in Kit Form, enabling the Panel Builders to build any configuration of Main & Sub Distribution Boards and Motor Control Centres & Control Panels in Fixed and/or Withdrawable design. It is also possible to build Panels with internal form of separations according to IEC 439 Form 1-4. The LOGSTRUP System is produced according to a very strict quality control system (ISO 9001) and is being continually developed.

Control Panel

EHASoft Implementation Deployment Services


EHA Soft offers comprehensive implementation services for its products to ensure successful implementation and adoption. As part of the implementation process, our consultants will spend time with your team to thoroughly understand your requirements and help you determine the right strategy for your business.

A key benefit of working with EHA Soft Solution’s implementation team is our proven project management processes and methodology designed to reduce risk and manage projects on-time and within budget.


The cornerstone of our implementation service is our Enterprise Project Management approach used for developing accurate project cost estimates, from the bottom up, based upon each of the implementation tasks.

EHA Soft incorporates each key area of their operation (development, project management, business analysis, training, etc.) into an enterprise project management system, enabling us to effectively align projects with available resources and automate project management activities. We leverage our advanced data repositories throughout to capture communication plans, change control documentation, risk plans, issue logs, lessons learned, and other relevant information essential to your success.

Our unique approach significantly improves team collaboration and ultimately delivers corporate visibility and retained memory for each project. Our implementation services deliver an effective combination of strong project management processes and highly experienced teams for the successful delivery of all EHA Soft implementations. Contact us today for more details.

EHASoft Training Services


Training is at the core of all environmental health and safety programs and legislation. EHA Soft offers flexible health and safety training programs to meet the specific requirements of your organization. We offer insightful onsite lectures or talks for managers or employees regarding workplace hazards, employee wellness, and other relevant topics.

Click here to view & download PDF file with a list of training courses provided by EHA Soft.

As new global and local regulations are introduced, we offer services to deliver personalized briefings to show how changes in legislation will uniquely affect your organization. All of our training classes are conducted onsite for your convenience.

Some of our standard training classes and subjects are listed below.

Introduction to Health and Safety
ATEX Assessments Investigation and Handling of Bullying Compliants
ATEX Training Hazard & Operability Studies (HAZOP)
First Aid Training Fire Safety Assessments
Food Hygiene/HACCP Training HACCP Management

Chemical Handling and Awareness Training
Laboratory Safety

Accident Reporting and Investigation Training
Manual Handling
Fire Safety Training Manual Handling Instructors and Assors
Ergonomics Training Office Safety
Introduction to ISO9001:2000 OHSAS 18001 Implementation and Auditing
Introduction to ISO14001 Policy Development for Anti-Bullying at Work
Introduction to OHSAS 18001 Preventing Workplace Bullying and Harassment
Introduction to ISO22000 Risk Assessment
Bullying Contract Officers Safety & Health Plan Workshop
Employee Well-Being VDU Assessors
Health & Safety For Managers VDU Operators
Industrial Audiometry Violence and Aggression
Work Life Balance For Managers


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Ineffective management and control of EH&S programs have increasingly become the subject of litigation, shareholder

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